• Amanda Sartor

Money can buy Happiness

Is money destroying our happiness and sense of fulfillment or are we just viewing money in the wrong way?

We often hear the phrase “Money can’t buy Happiness” – indicating that spending money on ourselves and material items actually doesn’t result in us feeling better about ourselves.

But perhaps money can buy happiness. We are just doing it wrong.

Multiple studies analysing the change in happiness from recipients across Canada, Uganda, Europe and even globally have shown very strong support for such a notion.

So what is the secret?

Spending money on others and not ourselves. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are behind the gift; whether it’s to help out a friend, end world poverty or simply buy a present for that someone special – simply the intention and purpose of spending money on another person makes us happier.

Studies in Europe have even found a correlation between spending money on others and better team performance within organisations. This supports the view that employees who think about helping others become more focused on the bigger picture and are motivated to support success at a team or organisational level.

So next time you are down, frustrated or unhappy – don’t think about yourself, as hard as that may be (I know I am guilty to want that massage, wine or chocolate bar to perk me up). But this time – try buying a small gift for your Mum, or a coffee for the man on the street, or donate it to a local charity doing amazing work in your local community.

Money is a necessary evil in our world, but perhaps if we change the focus on money to be an opportunity to give and help others; money will actually buy us happiness.

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