• Brad Scott

Media Release-IPH


Offered By Institute for Preparing Heirs®, Program Focuses On the Role of Family Dynamics Before, During and After Wealth Transition to Heirs

Brad Scott was one of a select number of financial advisors chosen to complete an exclusive program offered by the Institute for Preparing Heirs on the topic of “The Great Wealth Transfer: Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Multigenerational Families.” Brad Scott, Managing Director & Founder of EWM Group, attended the invitation-only program held at Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, from the 4th May 2014 through to 7th May 2014.

“One of the single biggest challenges facing successful families today is ensuring that the inheriting generation—the children and grandchildren—remain in control of the family assets and maintain family unity after wealth transfer. A solid wealth transfer plan encompasses more than excellent investment, tax and estate planning to prepare the assets for heirs, it’s also important to ensure the heirs are prepared to receive and manage the assets,” said Brad Scott.

The Institute for Preparing Heirs® program focused on what current research reveals about what families value most about working with their professional advisors, and how family dynamics play a far greater role in successful wealth transfer than previously understood. This one-of-a-kind program set the stage for how forward-thinking financial advisors can become well versed in tools and resources available to help the multi-generations of affluent families successfully navigate through the non-financial issues of wealth transfer.

The main contributors often impacting a family’s ability to retain control of assets and unity post transfer include: trust and communication among family members, preparation of heirs, and a unified family vision regarding their wealth. By offering families information, tools and resources on non-financial issues impacting wealth transfer, families can begin to have meaningful discussions that will better prepare them for their future.

The Institute for Preparing Heirs® brought together key thought-leaders and researchers from around the country on the topic of family dynamics and its impact on family’s post-wealth transition. Its professional development program for financial advisors is designed to promote best practices and equip attendees to provide the best service to their client families in order for the family to sustain its wealth and values in future generations.

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