• Brad Scott

Family Business Australia and EWM Group announce National Partnership

EWM Group (EWM) has been announced as a National Gold Sponsor with Family Business Australia (FBA), supporting families in Business.

Greg Griffith, CEO of FBA said, “We are pleased to announce EWM Group as a National Gold partner as they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer families in business in the areas of Family Office, Family Governance, Wealth Management and Philanthropy advice that delivers long term stewardship”. "As a National Gold Sponsor, EWM Group will be offering special benefits to our members and their families and look forward to making them feel welcome. We are excited about what EWM Group brings to our membership, their value offering only complements and extends FBA’s value offering to our members and their aim is to protect their client’s financial, family and social capital for the benefit of current and future generations”.

“In addition to this, EWM Group brings with them the opportunity for our Accredited Advisers to seek additional training in relation to Family Office and Family Governance to enhance their position as the trusted adviser to their family business clients. Those skills will further enhance FBA’s new Market Place Platform where Family Businesses can seek out and engage expert accredited advisers for help and assistance” said Mr Griffith.

EWM Group Founder and Managing Director, Brad Scott said, “We are incredibly excited about working with FBA and their members throughout the country”. “FBA is a well-known and respected organisation that has been providing support and guidance to Australian Family Business for many years. Our expertise in assisting families and family business in protecting wealth and preparing the next and future generations of families for their roles and responsibilities provides a wonderful opportunity for our groups to work together and add significant value to FBA members, rarely offered within Australia before”, Mr Scott added.

“One of the greatest challenges facing families and family business over the next few decades is the significant amount of wealth, assets and businesses which will transition to the next generation of the family. Estimated at $3.5 Trillion over the next decade, from Australian family business alone, the need to educate and prepare family members and their advisers has never been more important. We look forward to doing that”, said Mr Scott.

About EWM Group

EWM Group was founded in 2005, was the 1st independent multi-family office in Australia and the 1st multi-family office in Qld. EWM Group is headquartered in Brisbane, with clients throughout Australia and overseas and is a specialist adviser to affluent individuals and families, family business, not-for profit organisations and traditional owner groups. We specialise in the areas of family office services and advice, family governance and coaching, wealth protection and philanthropy, as well as providing tailored education and training programs for families, family members, spouses and advisers to affluent families.

About Family Business Australia

Family Business Australia (FBA) is for leaders (aspiring or current) and owners (past, present or future) who want professional pathways for family business members whilst connecting with the family business community. FBA brings families together because we understand the unique challenges & opportunities families in business face. Only FBA provides content tailored to the needs & characteristics of family businesses and as a membership based organisation, we provide and create professional pathways for family members via education programs, peer-to-peer, forum groups and social family networks.