• Brad Scott

Susanne Bransgrove joins the EWM Group team

EWM Group are excited to announce that after many years of collaborating on various family business related concepts, Susanne Bransgrove has decided to add her skillset to the EWM Group team.

Susanne has deep experience in family governance and generational continuity and a particular passion for next generation education and supporting women in family businesses.

EWM Group Founder and Managing Director, Brad Scott said, “Susanne and I have collaborated together on projects for many years and often talked about ways in which we can work together. Susanne’s skill set, experience, and passion for preparing the next generation as well as the role of women in family business is a terrific compliment to EWM Group, and I know it will add immediate value to our clients. We are thrilled to have her join the team.”

Susanne added, “In addition, to the complimentary family governance and continuity expertise, the ability to access EWM Group’s family office services which are considered the best in the business was a key driver for me to work with Brad and the team”.

Between Brad, the EWM Group team and Susanne’s expertise, we feel that the combined resources and skills across family office advice and support, Investment Strategy and Management, Philanthropic advice, or family governance requirements, will allow the group to address any issues that multi-generational families might face.

We are certainly excited about combining so many years of service to multi-generational families and family business.

Further information, please contact EWM Group, Brad Scott, or Susanne Bransgrove: