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Boutique firm targets aspiring philanthropists

Queensland multi-family office, EWM Group, has launched a specialist philanthropy offering, GivingSimple, as a vehicle for those wanting to engage in a planned giving approach but who have not had the means to or interest in establishing their own philanthropy structure.

EWM Group founder Brad Scott said the initiative will offer a purpose-made vehicle for those who wish to give back to the community.

“Donors can utilise the public ancillary fund available – GivingSimple Foundation (GSF) – to form their own “subfund” which can be named, tailored and operated to suit their own needs and giving strategy,” Mr Scott said.

“Their fund can then commit to a cause, represent a family legacy or signify a business philanthropic commitment.”

To meet growing client demand and to expand the philanthropic services offering to the wider community, EWM Group wanted to establish a discrete philanthropy advice offering, separate from the family office approach

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