Media Release-Giving Simple

EWM launches new service offering to assist aspiring philanthropists.

Queensland multi-family office, EWM Group, has launched a specialist philanthropy offering, called GivingSimple, to meet the growing interest from individuals, families, groups and their advisers in planned philanthropy.

GivingSimple, which is the brainchild of EWM Group Founder Brad Scott, supports the wider community to give in an effective and simple way.

Mr Scott said the philanthropy advice initiative has been established to provide a vehicle for those wanting to engage in a planned giving approach but did not have the means or interest in establishing their own philanthropy structure.

“Donors can utilise the public ancillary fund available – GivingSimple Foundation (GSF) – to form their own “subfund” which can be named, tailored and operated to suit their own needs and giving strategy,” Mr Scott said.

“Their fund can then commit to a cause, represent a family legacy or signify a business philanthropic commitment.”

Philanthropy adviser and GivingSimple Manager Amanda Sartor said: “The best part of a subfund, is the ability to make a tax deductible donation now while providing the flexibility to physically distribute the money to charities over time.”

“Establishing your own subfund is simple and can be as easy as naming the subfund, making a tax deductible donation and then nominating your preferred charities each year.”

Mr Scott said philanthropy had been a core part of the EWM Group service offering from the beginning.

“Our founding client actively engaged in philanthropic pursuits and the importance of philanthropy to clients, their families and the whole community is significant,” he said.

To meet growing client demand and to expand the philanthropic services offering to the wider community, EWM Group wanted to establish a discrete philanthropy advice offering, separate to the family office approach.

Following growing interest from clients, EWM Group established a dedicated Philanthropic Services division in 2014.

“It has become an important service to our clients as they wanted to engage more in their giving, but didn’t have the time or understanding of how to set up their own structure.”

Mr Scott said GivingSimple was positioned as a simple and lower cost alternative for individuals, families, groups and their advisers to engage in planned philanthropy.

“For clients, setting up a subfund with GSF provides full control over their giving, but with none of the costs and hassles of having a private foundation,” he said.

About GivingSimple

GivingSimple ( provides a simple and cost effective solution for individuals, families, and businesses to support the communities, charities and causes which are close to their heart.

About EWM Group

EWM Group has been created by and designed for entrepreneurial individuals and families who have already achieved many of their financial goals. Our success is driven by our ability to share skills, experience, resources and the opportunities created by other like minded, highly successful entrepreneurial families.

We provide customised family office services and a wide range of related advice in areas of:

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