How Can I Give?


Through the GivingSimple Foundation ‘GSF’, you can form an individual “subfund” which can be named, tailored and operated to suit your own needs and giving strategy. Your subfund can commit to a cause, represent your family legacy or signify your business philanthropic commitment.


Establishing a subfund through GSF enables donors to create a charitable gifting plan that provides the opportunity to give now and receive a full tax deduction, but with the ability to disburse the funds to charities over time; ensuring a legacy of philanthropy long into the future. 

Establishing your own subfund is simple .

How Can I Set Up a Subfund?


Establishing your own subfund is simple


  1. Register and name your subfund – it can be in the name of your family, business, community club or member association

  2. Make a tax deductible donation now and as many times as you like going forward. Donors can include family, friends, employees and members

  3. Nominate your charitable beneficiaries each year. GSF will confirm their eligibility and make the donation on your behalf