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Why Give?


There are many reasons that motivate individuals to give, such as:


  • Leave a positive footprint or legacy behind

  • Moving beyond being successful to being significant

  • Sweeten the bitter pill of paying tax by redirecting it to circumstances where you have some choice over what impact the money has in the community

  • To push for social change or greater impact on an important cause

  • A way to strengthen your community

Is Giving Simple Right For Me?

Individuals and Families

  • Name your own charitable subfund

  • Lower cost and capital commitment

  • No compliance and administration hassles

  • Involve family members 

  • Great education tool for next generation wealth 

  • Be as "hands-on" or "hands-off" as you like in your giving

  • Carry on your legacy and values beyond your lifetime

Private Business

  • Retain control and align giving to business strategy

  • Lower cost and capital commitment

  • Save you time without tying up internal resources

  • Name and publicise your charitable fund 

  • Engage staff and customers in charitable objectives  

  • Focus solely on your grant-making and social impact

  • Tax effective

Publicly Listed Company

  • Align charitable activities to business strategy

  • Lower cost and capital commitment

  • Name and publicise your charitable fund

  • Set up workplace giving plan without tying up company resources 

  • Great vehicle for CSR initiatives 

  • Communicate and report on your community and social impact