Financial and Investment Governance


Financial and investment governance is more than an asset allocation to financial assets. How does that asset allocation, integrate with your business interests, property portfolio and other assets? 

We work with you and your team to oversee, implement and facilitate a financial and investment strategy that works in unison with your team and is structured to suit your assets, interests and biases.


Further, we oversee, document, implement, facilitate and review a strategy, policy and governance document which is an “active, living document” and that encompasses all of your financial and investment needs including (but not limited to) overall strategy, return expectations, liquidity, funding family education, philanthropy, use of income dividend streams, business interests, financial assets, property investments, asset allocation, risk controls, risk budgets, governance policies, reporting and voting requirements.


This service is widely used by our individual and multigenerational family clients, family office clients as well as not for profit organisations and Traditional Owner groups.