Family Governance, Coaching and Education

Imagine… you build a successful business enterprise through years of hard work. You decide to retire and place the enterprise in the hands of new management. However, the new managers have no understanding of the company’s products, goals, history, values or mission. They have no experience in the field, let alone a basic knowledge of day-to-day business functions and from time to time, the management team have a history of disharmony.

There is great likelihood a company will not succeed under these conditions, and realistically, you would never trust these individuals with even one dollar of your hard-earned wealth. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you are doing with your estate if you do not take the necessary steps to prepare the next generation.

EWM Group is recognised as being one of a select few of experts in the Australian landscape who can independently work with families and their advisers in navigating this highly emotive topic.    We can assist removing some of the roadblocks which are in place and help have some of the conversations which are often difficult within families.



Our menu of services include:

-          Establish, document and oversee tailored family governance structures and                  processes

-          Development of Family Constitutions

-          Establishment and facilitation of Family Councils and Advisory Boards

-          Facilitation of family meetings and retreats

-          Family Coaching and Mentoring



Our process is designed to start small, at your own pace and build as and when required.  Our process commences in 3 immediate stages:

1.      Awareness

2.     Assessment

3.     Action

Family Governance and Education

Family Governance and Education

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