Case Studies


Following are illustrations of the types of clients we work with and solutions we develop.


Lucy is a successful business woman and would like to put in place a strategy to support a local charity within her community, but isn't interested in a separate structure due to the start-up costs, capital required and administrative needs. Lucy would like to donate a percentage of ongoing profits each year, starting from a very low base.  Through GivingSimple, Lucy establishes the "TeeTee Corporate Fund". Lucy can publicise the charitable fund on her website and involve staff on grant decisions each year without having to worry about the compliance or adminstration aspects of running a foundation."


"Teaching their children the right values and community interest has always been important to the Smith Family. As their children grow up, they would like to engage them in the giving process. They have insufficient funds to make their own charitable structure viable, but are keen to retain as much control as possible. They establish the "Smith Family Legacy Fund" through GivingSimple, which amoung other benefits, provides an ideal balance between control over their giving and outsourcing of the maintenance activities."

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