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About GivingSimple


GivingSimple provides a cost effective and simple solution for individuals, families and businesses who would like to adopt a structured philanthropy program but don’t have the means or interest to establish their own charitable foundation.

GivingSimple was inspired and created by the philanthropic commitment of EWM Group founder, Brad Scott, to encourage more people in Queensland and Australia to give. The motivation behind GivingSimple was to provide a simple, cost effective solution, together with expert advice and support, to a broader audience than what was typcially available.


GSF is a Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF), structured to allow the formation of individual “subfunds” which can be named, tailored and operated to suit your own needs and giving strategy.


The administration, compliance, reporting and management is provided by the Trustee of GSF at a fraction of the cost that you would spend by establishing your own charitable structure such as a Private or Public Ancillary Fund; allowing you to focus solely on your giving.

If you would like to learn more about GivingSimple, please contact us