About Us

EWM Group at the time of its formation was the 1st and only Independent Multi Family Office in Australia.

It was driven initially by a single client who had a specific need for an independent resource to work with his family, family business and existing advisory team in the areas of Investment Governance, Philanthropy and preparing his family for their future roles and responsibilities and helping the family navigate some of those more emotive conversations that is sometimes difficult to have.

EWM Group has since added specific resources in education and Philanthropy to support, educate and train not only families, but assisting their advisers in supporting their family clients and becoming a truly trusted adviser.


EWM Group has grown to be recognised as one of the leaders in Australia with a reputation globally and a client base throughout Australia and overseas. Our founder, Brad Scott has over 30 years experience and is widely sought as a keynote speaker in the areas of Family Offices, Family Governance, Legacy and preparing the next generation.

Our clients are individuals, families and organisations who have been highly successful in what they do.  These include current family business owners, former business owners who have had a full or partial liquidity event, inheritors of wealth, single family offices, Philanthropists, Sporting and Entertainment individuals, Not for profit organisations and Traditional Owners.

EWM Group has been created by and designed for entrepreneurial individuals and families who have already achieved many of their financial goals. 

Our success is driven by our ability to share skills, experience, resources and the opportunities created by other like-minded, highly successful entrepreneurial families.

We invite you to consider making our Family Office your own.

Vision, Mission & Values


To be the first choice for successful individuals and families seeking a trusted and independent family office.


—Family Member of Second               Generation Family Business


Brad Scott’s recommendation came 8 years ago where our business needed complex advice on an overseas acquisition, EWM Group’s ability to engage the professionals to assist us in making the right decision to invest and set up was invaluable.


The confidence we gained during this process made the decision easy to engage EWM to further look after our family governance. I have no doubt that this decision was the correct one as juggling a business, family etc., and having insufficient time available to keep on top of constant new developments in the ever-changing world of investment and financial planning has insured that our family interests are taken care of.


EWM offer a very high level of personalised service that we had not experienced in this industry until we met Brad, the task that he and his team have taken on has seen future goals and strategies developed that have given us complete comfort for not only our immediate structure but for future generations to come. I highly recommend the services of Brad and his team.”